A set of good practices for NodeJS. Boring Python: code Quality. Getting started with nmap.

October 23, 2022

A set of good practices for NodeJS web server development

In 2015, Alexander Kondov decided to adopt Node.js due to its ability to run on both the server and the browser.
This feature was important to Kondov and his team because it allowed them to reuse libraries, logic, and types across front-end and back-end applications.
As a result of this flexibility, the "full-stack developer" archetype emerged, where an engineer is skilled enough to work on any part of an application as needed. Node.js has a focus on freedom and flexibility, rather than imposing strict coding standards or application structures.
This has led to a variety of approaches to building node applications. Based on his experience with building various applications, Kondov created the Tao of Node, which offers proven rules and guidelines for building better applications.

Boring Python

Learn how to efficiently build, deploy, and manage Python applications in a "boring" and efficient way: Boring Python: code quality.

Getting started with nmap

Learn how to use nmap for port scanning with this tutorial, to help you maximize the potential of this powerful tool.