Little-known Javascript APIs. How to write useful commit messages

December 15, 2022

Lesser-known JavaScript APIs

This article discusses four little-known Javascript APIs:

The Page Visibility API allows developers to know when a user has left a page, so that unnecessary processes can be stopped or background actions performed.
The Web Share API allows developers to add a native share button to their web applications, so that users can easily share content from the web app to other apps on their device.
The Broadcast Channel API allows developers to communicate between browser tabs or windows, even if they are in different domains.
And the Internationalization API allows developers to format numbers, dates, and currencies according to the user's locale, as well as to perform language-sensitive string comparisons.
The article provides code examples for each API.

How to write useful commit messages

This article provides tips and a template for writing useful commit messages in Git.
The author, Jacob Herrington, explains the importance of including clear and concise information in commit messages.