Git: How to undo commits. Use RSS for privacy and efficiency.

November 03, 2022

Git: How to undo commits

In this blog post, Adam Johnson covers various different ways to undo commits in Git.
The first method is to use git reset with HEAD~ to undo the last commit and preserve the changes made in that commit, allowing the user to re-add and commit them.
The --soft option can be used to keep the changes staged in Git's index so that they don't need to be re-added.
The --hard option can be used to discard the changes made in the last commit.
Adam also discusses how to use git revert to undo previous commits on the main branch without breaking history, and how to use git rebase to rewrite history and remove previous commits.

RSS for privacy and efficiency

RSS feeds allow users to subscribe to updates from websites without having to browse them individually or sign up for newsletters, and can be managed with a feed reader.
This blog post advocates for the use of RSS feeds, in order to avoid being tracked and having data used against the user.
It also provides tips on how to obtain RSS feeds for various platforms, including YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter.