The dark arts of QR codes. A hot take on software quality. Why do some domain names end with a dot?

September 18, 2022

Ever wondered how a QR code works?

This twitter thread about how QR codes actually work, is unexpectedly fascinating.

A hot take on software quality

This (not so) hot take argues that the quality of software is more influenced by the system in place for producing it than by the individual performance of the software developers. The author suggests that when software is of poor quality, it may be due to problems with the system rather than the individual performance of the developers, and suggests that organizations should focus on building a system that produces high-quality software rather than solely on hiring the best developers.

Why do domain names sometimes end with a dot?

Among a lot of useful info, this post also clarifies the reason for the dot at the end of – it is required in zone files to indicate the end of a domain name, as omitting it could cause it to be interpreted as being related to the zone.